Spring 2015

The mild Idaho winter allowed me to begin a project to “freshen” up the interior of my boat.  It began as a quest to create a rear casting platform and fighting seat mount, and ended with a new deck, all new fabric, a new trolling motor, 24v battery array, new seats etc.


This project coupled with other obligations meant that I was been unable to do as much shooting in the spring as I am accustomed to, but it did put us on the water in a 75% completed vessel about 2 months earlier than usual for me.  This enabled me to actually fish before and during the spawn, which brings about a new educational component about how the fish act during this time.


The pre-spawn trips were actually fairly productive in cold water on big crank baits.  The fish were beginning to become more active, and were hungry for a big meal.  I found the plastics to be useless during this time.  The next trip out they had either just spawned or were mid spawn, and the bites we were getting were defensive strikes, so the flashier and noisier the bait, the more productive it would be.  During this time, plastics were also ho-hum.  The most recent trip found us at about half and half, with some of the larger fish punishing the crankbaits, while the smaller males were grabbing onto plastics without much intention.


I have put in for my controlled hunt draws, and am hoping for big results this year, not only in the draw, but also in the field.


I hope to post some photos of the boat update, and look forward to getting out into the desert and back on the water.