Speed Fishing on the South Fork of the Boise River and Swan Falls Pt1 1

South fork cut throatThe South ForkSo this last week, I went up to Idaho to buy a 4Runner from my Brother, and to do some trout fishing on the South fork of the Boise River and bass fishing on the Snake River, specifically Swan Falls.  I flew up on a Tuesday and left to return home on Thursday morning, obviously driving the newly purchased vehicle.  As you can tell, if you have read anything on this site at all, my brother and I are 7.5 on the scale of 10 for fishing aficionados.  We had limited time together, but there had to be some fishing done.

My Brother picked me up from the airport on Tuesday, early afternoon.  After a burger and some BS, we got down to business.  “Lets stop by Cablea’s before we drive out to the South Fork Boise River to try to catch the afternoon hatch.”  We were hoping for the salmon fly hatch so we stocked up on some Stimulators and other salmon fly dry patterns.  We checked out the ammo, looked at soTroutme random stuff, and had a conversation about if we needed anything else while we were there.  Agreeing we had everything necessary, we hopped in his new 4Runner and motored our way the hour plus drive to the river.

We dropped down into the canyon on a beautiful afternoon.  We drove up the dirt road next to the water, scouting the water for good terrain to fish.  Our time was starting to run out so we decided to just find a place and get on the water.  Immediately after we made this decision, a Forest Service truck passed us, jarring me in my seat as I realized what we forgot.  A temporary Fishing License for me!  How could we be so stupid?!?  We are both just so used to always having a license, it never crossed either of our minds.

We had no cell reception, but we figured a call to a slightly annoyed wife could remedy the problem, thanks to the miracle of online license purchasing.    We hauled butt back towards the mouth of the canyon, constantly checking both our phones for reception.  We finally got it and, after some “sorry babe” and “thanks so much” statements, we had secured an electronic license.  With the light becoming scarce we were feeling the pressure to get the fishing going, so we stopped at the first semi promising spot we found.  Extremely fast water and ZERO insect activity didn’t take long to encourage us to move downstream.  The second spot was better in the bug department, but still the wading was brutal.

A fortunate/unfortunate turn of events then took place.  A fellow angler walked up to my brother, explaining he had a dead battery.  Unfortunate for him.  My brother headed off in the truck to help this gentleman out while I stayed in the river, trying not to be pulled under and drown.  When my brother got back, he just holler’d “lets go”.  Apparently, the fisherman in distress was pounding a honey hole and, in gratitude, told us where to fish.  Fortunate for us.  We hit the spot and got the lines in the water.  In less than 5 minutes, it happened.  “FISH ON” I heard myself say after a nice rise on my elk hair caddis.  The fight lasted 5 minutes or so but, with my brothers help on the net, I finally landed a nice healthy South Fork Cutthroat.  Beautiful feeling.  I missed another take, as did my brother.  By then we were physically coming to our limit to fish in the high flows any longer, and were both hungry and tired.

We called it a day with only one fish landed and very mild action all together in the scheme of things, but I’ll tell you one thing.  I could not have been happier.  To be with my brother, fishing a river with potential for huge trout was as much as I could ask for.  The fat cutty was the icing on the cake!

Excess will fill you in on day 2!!!