Sog Huntspoint HT023L-CP S30v Boning Knife 1

My turn for a new knife, enter the Sog Huntspoint HT023L-CP S30v Boning Knife.  This knife is very comparable to the Benchmade Saddle Mountain Skinner recently acquired by my brother, with this running a bit cheaper, a milimeter thinner, a bit shorter and probably not quite as sharp (just guessing).  Don’t let this get you down, pulling it with a slight angle across my arm, and subsequently my face was more than enough to provide a shave.

Either because we think alike, or because one gets jealous when the other gets new things, I needed a new knife to replace my Old Timer Schrade Sharpfinger, also.  The Old Timer Schrade Sharpfinger I have been using actually belongs to my sister, and I decided that before I lost it, I should probably either ask if she wants it back, or if nothing else preserve it.  The two sharpfingers you have seen on our site are the same age I would estimate at nearly 25 years old, when my siblings first started bird hunting with my dad.  These are much nicer than the knife going by the same name today.

The good news about these new s30v knives is we should be able to get a real life, side by side comparison at some point on some real hide, and we both are coming from the same knife.

I guess I will use mine on birds much more than the Saddle Mountain Skinner will be used in Nevada by my counterpart, clearly because I am a better wing shot and shoot more birds, but also because he cheats and uses pruning sheers when taking off wings.

I decided not to go with the skinning huntspoint, because it just didn’t feel right in my hand.  The extra groove in the front with the bulbous blade just seemed unnatural to me.

Full review with a side by side exercise hopefully coming soon.

Excuse the gore on the Sharpfinger…..

Sog Huntspoint HT023L-CP S30v Boning Knife