Ruger American Rifle Review

Welcome to the Ruger American Rifle Review.  Recently I was looking to purchase a bolt action varmint rifle.  Initially, I was looking for a nicer, wood stock rifle that would act both as collection component as well as a a coyote and general varmint rifle, specifically in a 22-250.  As time went on, I […]

Ruger American 223 Review

11-7 Chukar Gallery

Had a cool Chukar hunt in Oregon last weekend with a friend of mine.  Lots of difficult walking but awesome views.   -XS

Elk 3 Lance Boys 0 2015 Idaho Hunt

We promised to do better this year in our elk quest.  Long story short, we did better simply by seeing them, while still falling short on taking the first elk by a Lance boy, current tally, Elk 3 Lance Boys 0 2015 Idaho Hunt.   I had scouted the area two weeks before we arrived, […]

Elk 3 Lance Boys 0 2015 Idaho Hunt

Speed Fishing on the South Fork of the Boise River and Swan Falls Pt2

So here comes story two in the Speed Fishing of the Boise River and Swan Falls series.  Getting on the water down at Swan was a must for our action packed couple days we were able to spend together in June.  I was slightly nervous about how good it would be from a catching standpoint, […]

Speed Fishing on the South Fork of the Boise River and Swan Falls Pt1 1

So this last week, I went up to Idaho to buy a 4Runner from my Brother, and to do some trout fishing on the South fork of the Boise River and bass fishing on the Snake River, specifically Swan Falls.  I flew up on a Tuesday and left to return home on Thursday morning, obviously driving […]

Spring 2015

The mild Idaho winter allowed me to begin a project to “freshen” up the interior of my boat.  It began as a quest to create a rear casting platform and fighting seat mount, and ended with a new deck, all new fabric, a new trolling motor, 24v battery array, new seats etc.   This project […]

New Gear 2015

The new year brings in new gear 2015.  I still like to think that we are the champions of the mid-range gear arena, and we will continue to try and determine what the best bang for the buck is when buying our gear, and hope to pass that knowledge along.  The improvement in gear from 2013 […]

Elk Hunting 2014 — Elk, 2; Lance Boys, 0

Elk Hunting 2014 for the Lance Boys, photos and a brief write up. Elk hunting. Hard work is what comes to mind when I read these words. Hard work with huge rewards and a sense of accomplishment. Then there is the other side of the coin. Hard work that comes with frustration, dejection, disappointment, Elk […]