Hunting, my body, me and P90X3

Hunting, my body, me and P90X3


The Hills of Rural Nevada

I was lucky enough to draw two tags this year, and quickly realized getting in shape would become a necessity, and wanted to take a moment to write about hunting, my body, me and P90X3.  The two tags I drew play out like this:  One for Muley buck, the other for another shot at the Elusive Wapiti, female sex.  Cool thing is both these draws are the same area, at the same time.  That means the chances are pretty darn good I should have one or the other or both on the ground come October.

The way back country of Nevada is where I will be climbing, glassing, and hopefully harvesting an animal, and with any luck two animals to stock my freezer with healthy, organic and delicious meat.  As alluded to in the title, one of the first thoughts that crossed my mind after the elation of finding out I drew tags was; Damn, I need to get in shape!

The Need

I will be turning 40 this year, so I am no longer a spring chicken.  Generally, I am physically fit mostly thanks to good genetics and a job where I am on my feet a large percentage of the day.  I am 5’9″ and 150 pounds. That said, I also drink my fair share of beer, eat whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I want, and don’t have a gym membership.  As any western hunter knows, the need to cover ground whether bird hunting or upland game hunting is a must in this neck of the woods, and lung capacity and overall cardio type fitness was the target, in addition to some extra strength.

Looking at all of these things as a whole, and doing some reading on the internet, I decided I would give Tony Horton and his P90X system a shot.  As I began to research this I discovered he had a new version out:  P90X3.  The biggest thing that P90X3 had going for it is it is super intense, but only for 30 minutes a day, six days a week.  This feature suited me perfectly, as between commuting and working I am gone from about 3 A.M. until 5 P.M. four to five days a week.  This rigorous work and overall life schedule leaves me with not much extra time in my day.  Upon reading the good news about the x3 program I figured, what the hell, I could squeeze in 30 minutes after work every day.  I made the leap and purchased this routine.

The Package

As of writing this, I am 22 days into this program.  I spent around $150 for the basic set, which includes:  dvd’s, the nutritional guide which also has instructions on the routines, a calendar and a resistance band.  At first I just planned on using the resistance band, but after the first day realized I needed to buy some dumbells.  I have purchased 3 sets so far and there is a good possibility I will buy more.  Other than that, some shoes, and a way to do pull ups, it doesn’t take a lot of “gear” to get going with this.

I really like the idea of working on my “Total Fitness”, rather than just going to the gym to pump some iron.  Cardio, strength, balance, endurance, legs, arms, flexibility, EVERYTHING gets a work out with this.  Even the Yoga workout is challenging different muscle groups.  Perfectly suited for any situation I feel I might find myself in in the mountains.

Current Impressions

So the overall take on it so far is this.  I really like it!!!  I am feeling the results, while not becoming totally ripped yet and in full Bro status, my strength has improved and my muscles feel good.  It is very challenging, but you can pick your own pace.  It keeps you engaged and does not become overly repetitive.  I enjoy pushing myself with it, even after a long day at work.

The proof of it’s value, will hopefully come this fall.  I am certain I will be better prepared physically to face the challenges of attempting a successful big game hunt.  Thanks to P90x3, I will be carrying with me a confidence in my abilities that I might not have if it were not for doing this.  Hopefully all of the hard work pays off with a wall hanger of a buck and the chance to FINALLY get some elk meat in the freezer!

You can pick up a set direct from Beachbody, or wherever.  Since they didn’t give me a free copy, feel free to check out google here!