June Swoon

With the onset of hot weather, there is good and bad that will come of this temperature change.  One of the good is getting me out of the mid to high 60 degree water temperatures at Swan Falls.  This fishery is sensitive to water temperature it seems, and the level of activity has been low to slow for nearly the entire month.  This water seems to be most productive in 70-75 degree water temperatures, and we were at 68 yesterday.


Making it out about 4 times this month, I have seen a variety of weather, from cloud cover, to fully sunny, to raining and the bass have been slow every time.


The store thing is moving a bit more slowly than I had hoped.  I am still looking for a wholesaler who does optics and knives.  Our first order from our primary wholesaler went well.  I did see the problem with being a “small” fish in the ordering system, because orders with larger quantities get priority, which makes sense.  How we will do this to begin with is through gear packages that i can try to make you good deals on, and I will order them in advance.  Unfortunately these guys don’t drop ship, so I will put together a package and order up a few, sell it for a ridiculous price until I run out, and we will try something else.  The other disadvantage of my current supplier, is it took about a week and a half for me to receive my order, so I would have pandemonium at my slowness if I tried to just sell 1 off products I wasn’t stocking.  I think some people would be patient if I informed them of the time frame and sell the gear at good deals, but overall, I was slightly discouraged by this development.


Both of us purchased Kodiak Canvas tents, and both plan to write reviews, even though they are the same model.  So far we are both very impressed by them,.


We both owe you rifle reviews, and will probably end up with one video review, and one written review.


I purchased new KYB MonoMax shocks/struts for my 4Runner, and will write that up also in the near future.


We will have a late season Nevada Elk hunt given my brothers good draw luck, and somewhat unbelievably to me, I didn’t draw for any of the tags I applied for.  Blame it on my bad luck.  I will try again on the second chance Draw August 1st, and am still undecided if I will just grab an over the counter tag.


Keep checking back, if there is anything you would like to see in the first package, leave us a comment or send me an email.  I am thinking about something based around a ThermaCell and some of my favorite fishing and camping gear.