I should do this more than once a year! Spring 2018 Update and Gallery

I really should do this more than once a year!  Spring 2018 Update and Gallery!

This past year brought about some great hunting and fishing experiences and some sadness.  With the overall fishing season being somewhat of a bust due to high water, it set the the tone for a ho-humm year.

In-spite of posting a personal best small mouth on the Snake River, the fishing this past year was streaky and not as action packed as I prefer, and the Salmon season was totally non existent for me.  The steelhead season brought about a couple trips to the center of the state with tons of hookups but nothing in the cooler!

For Hunting season it was my year but I didn’t draw, so it was a general season mule deer hunt!  We chose some difficult new country here in Idaho, to once again lackluster results.  We hunted hard for what felt like a very long week, logging tons of miles and elevation to find nothing worth the pack out.  Elk season was a flash in the pan due to time constraints and chopped to two days with obviously no results.

Contrary to the two stories above, upland season was way better than last year!  Oregon bird numbers were good this past year, but we observed fewer but larger coveys.  A new Idaho spot brought about some great bird numbers and hunting chances.  I ended the season on a great hunt with my brother in Nevada, and ended up with birds from 3 states in the bag this season.

The sadness comes from the loss of my 10 year hunting partner Gracie who was a phenomenal companion and bird dog.  She became paralyzed due to a pinched spinal cord that we have no explanation for, so that loss in November was very sad.  Frankie really matured quickly and is really showing she is from that same championship pedigree!  I am thankful we got to have some fantastic hunts leading up to that tragic weekend, but she still had years to give and the loss hit us all hard.

I look forward to a clean start on fishing and hunting this year and less of a ho-humm result!

New gear on the year included:

2017 Honda Pioneer 700-4

16GA Browning BPS

Garmin Tri-Tronics Alpha 100 with TT15 Collar

Bucks Bags Upland Vest (Christmas 2016, but really put to work this year)

Fenwick Elite Tech Rod

There is probably more, but everything above was well researched prior to purchase, and is performing as expected.  Maybe some reviews to come.





Personal Best ~5Lbs

Steelhead fishing!

We started low, and ended up clear up here deer hunting.

Awesome hillside while deer hunting

Frankie and Gracie on Gracie’s final hunt

Frankie doing work.

Frankie and Gracie on Gracie’s final hunt

A mostly paralyzed Gracie, the heartbreaking look on her face says it all.

Frankie locked up on an Idaho Hun!

Frankie on an Idaho Chukar while a friend is in pursuit.

Final Oregon hunt of the season

Awesome Idaho country

Brutal rock field, those red legged devils are in here!

Frankie beautiful head high Chukar covey point.

Final Idaho hunt!

Nevada season closer!