Enough with the smoke already! And plastic bass worms… (Senkos v. Yum etc.)

Enough with the smoke already!  And plastic bass worms… (Senkos v. Yum etc.)

I thought we were done with this smoke, only to have today be the worst of the year from my vantage point.  Another thing I find wild is the fact that someone said on the radio that they didn’t expect to extinguish some of these fires until the first snow of the season falls……..WHAT!?!?! Enough about that, but if you are going out this weekend to take advantage of some outdoor activities, just keep the smoke situation in mind for your health, I know it messes me up pretty bad to exert myself in smoke like this.
So, a few years ago, a friend and I got more “serious” into Bass fishing, and got serious about learning some of the tricks of the trade.  While I am not going to give away my honey holes, and encourage more people to pressure my areas with my same bait, I am going to provide a quick overview on some popular plastics I have been using recently.

Senko’s and Yums

If you read a magazine, you don’t have to go far to see the word “Senko“.  This is in reference to the Gary Yamamoto bait.  Because the way I fish and the areas I fish, I go through a lot of Senko’s.  The Senko is mostly a one fish use plastic, because they either get bucked off entirely from the hook/line during the fight, or they get so destroyed you cant use them again.  This is a definite downer given their cost (around $1 a piece).  The other thing I have noticed about Senko’s that I don’t like all of the time is the rigidity.  They are so rigid in the water that sometimes they lack the extra movement I believe that sometimes provides an appetizing presentation to the fish.  Recently, due to a lack of the particular color I was looking for, I tried a different brand, and let me tell you, I am sold.

Yum Dingers

Enter the Yum worms.  The three things I don’t like about the Senko’s are fixed with the move over to the Yum.

1 — They are much less expensive.  They are around $5 for a pack of 12 on most sizes and shapes.
2 — They have more action in the water!  While this is not always necessary, for where I fish it is typically BETTER!  It is similar to fly fishing because you can almost watch the level of interest the fish shows to the presentation.
3 — They stay together SO much better, you can use the same worm exponentially longer than the Senko’s!!

I fished an entire day with the same Yum Dinger on one of my rods, and caught 10-15 fish on that same plastic!!  That is unheard of on a Senko.  Another thing I would like to point out is that the Dinger has a groove in the back to make rigging them a bit easier, while this isn’t totally awesome all the time (as you trim the worm to continue use if it does get messed up) it isn’t a bad feature.


The Dinger is the equivalent to a Senko, and the color selection is vast not to mention they are sold at Sportsmans and Cabelas and I am sure the local bait shops (I have not found one I like the prices at yet) so that is always a plus.  I have not liked the pattern on the Zoom baits I have seen, but I have heard good things about them, so maybe I will give them a whirl soon to compare.


My final thoughts are as follows.  While I do like the Yum items, I will continue to carry some Senko’s in particular sizes and colors in my box as they are tried and true, and the rigidity I mentioned, sometimes the stiffer bait presents better to the fish for whatever reason.


Also, for the record, I am not getting paid by anyone for these reviews, though I would happily accept donations to try any other similar bait, or even if Yum decided they wanted to sponsor my fishing exploits!!  I would be all for that, but that is not the goal here, and if anything comes my way through a donation to be reviewed, of course I would let my readers know.  I have no agenda here, and will always be totally transparent with my readers.


Feel free to throw a comment on what you use, and if you agree/disagree!  Tell your friends, I feel like I have been getting some steady views, but there is no real sight like this for the valley, an I believe we need one.  Who knows, maybe this could spawn into a forum!!