Ruger American 223 Review

Ruger American Rifle Review

Welcome to the Ruger American Rifle Review.  Recently I was looking to purchase a bolt action varmint rifle.  Initially, I was looking for a nicer, wood stock rifle that would act both as collection component as well as a a coyote and general varmint rifle, specifically in a 22-250.  As time went on, I […]

August September Hunting and Fishing in Idaho Update and Photo Dump

Welcome to the August September Hunting and Fishing in Idaho update and photo dump.   Without drawing my controlled hunt, I am planning to get my fix through my brothers cow elk draw in Nevada later this year.  August had some fishing, though slow it was steady, and September has led to a great time with […]

August September Hunting and Fishing in Idaho

June Swoon

With the onset of hot weather, there is good and bad that will come of this temperature change.  One of the good is getting me out of the mid to high 60 degree water temperatures at Swan Falls.  This fishery is sensitive to water temperature it seems, and the level of activity has been low […]

April Update

Good morning readers, just jotting a quick note to let everyone know we are alive and an April Update. We have been in a busy period in our lives as of late, but we have plenty to write about. We may have a new partnership with another Nevada outdoors site, and we look forward to […]