Spring 2017 Update and Gallery 1

Howdy friends, Excess here for your Spring 2017 update and gallery. Boy, what a spring.  As I traipsed in to purchase my sportsman’s pack I had visions of filling each of these Idaho tags in my hand!  Spring bear, spring turkey, so many great options that I was looking forward to! While I did make […]

Hunting, my body, me and P90X3

Hunting, my body, me and P90X3 I was lucky enough to draw two tags this year, and quickly realized getting in shape would become a necessity, and wanted to take a moment to write about hunting, my body, me and P90X3.  The two tags I drew play out like this:  One for Muley buck, the other […]

Hunting, my body, me and P90X3

New Gear 2015

The new year brings in new gear 2015.  I still like to think that we are the champions of the mid-range gear arena, and we will continue to try and determine what the best bang for the buck is when buying our gear, and hope to pass that knowledge along.  The improvement in gear from 2013 […]

Elk Hunting 2014 — Elk, 2; Lance Boys, 0

Elk Hunting 2014 for the Lance Boys, photos and a brief write up. Elk hunting. Hard work is what comes to mind when I read these words. Hard work with huge rewards and a sense of accomplishment. Then there is the other side of the coin. Hard work that comes with frustration, dejection, disappointment, Elk […]

Kodiak Canvas 6010 Tent Review 2

I was a bit slow out of the gate to use my new tent, but I can finally provide you the Kodiak Canvas 6010 Tent Review 2, this time from my perspective.  This review will be shorter and not cover again what we have already discussed, but the experience in some weather.   I went out […]