Benchmade 535 Bugout Knife Review

For this Benchmade 535 Bugout knife Review, it will be pitted against other every day carry knives that I have used in recent years. You all know the story, we carry a knife on us nearly at all times. We use this wonderful tool for a range of activities; from cutting your steak, to using […]

Spring 2017 Update and Gallery 1

Howdy friends, Excess here for your Spring 2017 update and gallery. Boy, what a spring.  As I traipsed in to purchase my sportsman’s pack I had visions of filling each of these Idaho tags in my hand!  Spring bear, spring turkey, so many great options that I was looking forward to! While I did make […]

Elk 5, Lance Boys 0

Elk 5, Lance Boys 0     This year brought about two excellent hunt opportunities to allow us to continue our annual frustration and consternation caused by the elusive Wapiti, spoiler alert, bringing the current score to Elk 5, Lance Boys 0. The thrill of the chase, the constant chess match that is any form of hunting and […]

Elk 5, Lance Boys 0

Ruger American 223 Review

Ruger American Rifle Review

Welcome to the Lanceboysoutdoors.com Ruger American Rifle Review.  Recently I was looking to purchase a bolt action varmint rifle.  Initially, I was looking for a nicer, wood stock rifle that would act both as collection component as well as a a coyote and general varmint rifle, specifically in a 22-250.  As time went on, I […]