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Streamlight The Siege review

Streamlight — The Siege review


I have posted up a video review of the Streamlight Siege.  The video is a bit grainy, and I have fixed that for the next reviews. This was the first video review I have ever done, so be patient as I figure out lighting tricks and other things to make them better. Thanks for watching!




I hope you enjoy the video, and I look forward to hearing your feedback!

Catch and Release Debate (I WIN!)

            Hello, my name is Nemo and I am a fly fisherman that does not always release his catch. I know that is a sacrilegious statement to the minds of a number of fly anglers.  I have received dirty looks from other anglers when I take my stringer out of the water and I have […]

Changes in platform and the new URL

Through an accidental exchange between my brother and me, we determined that this is a good exercise for both of us, that would encourage us to take more photographs of our outings, and give us an outlet for our creative energy.  Beyond that, we both decided that we are in fact good at the outdoor […]

School of Fish

  If you ask ten different outdoorsmen their opinion on a good day of fishing, you will get ten different answers. The generalities will be the same but the specific details all change, and that is why fishing is one of my favorite outdoor activities. The goal is to trick a fish into accepting your […]