Benchmade 535 Bugout Knife Review

For this Benchmade 535 Bugout knife Review, it will be pitted against other every day carry knives that I have used in recent years. You all know the story, we carry a knife on us nearly at all times. We use this wonderful tool for a range of activities; from cutting your steak, to using […]

Browning BPS 16 Gauge Review

We will take a bit of a meandering path in this Browning BPS 16 gauge Review, but hang in there.  First we begin with Chukar hunting, the glory of hiking 6+ miles on jagged, uneven and steep terrain with the hope of watching a dogs tail speed up as they become birdy and ultimately rigid.  […]

I should do this more than once a year! Spring 2018 Update and Gallery

I really should do this more than once a year!  Spring 2018 Update and Gallery! This past year brought about some great hunting and fishing experiences and some sadness.  With the overall fishing season being somewhat of a bust due to high water, it set the the tone for a ho-humm year. In-spite of posting […]

Spring 2017 Update and Gallery 1

Howdy friends, Excess here for your Spring 2017 update and gallery. Boy, what a spring.  As I traipsed in to purchase my sportsman’s pack I had visions of filling each of these Idaho tags in my hand!  Spring bear, spring turkey, so many great options that I was looking forward to! While I did make […]

A love letter to Mule Deer.

Thank goodness for mule deer.  There are many reasons we as hunters are so passionate about what we do, and they are different for everybody.  Here is a little insight as to how these wonderful animals enrich my life.  DRAWING THE TAG.  This all starts around January.  You anxiously await the results of the past […]

Cooper ST MAXX Review – Tires Mounted!!!

*UPDATE — 01-16-2017* I felt like I should provide a nearly 5 year update.  First of all, I cant believe it has been almost 5 years.  Second, these are still the greatest tire I have ever owned.  My brother and a co-worker have purchased the Toyo RT, so we hope to have a review on those tires […]

Elk 5, Lance Boys 0

Elk 5, Lance Boys 0     This year brought about two excellent hunt opportunities to allow us to continue our annual frustration and consternation caused by the elusive Wapiti, spoiler alert, bringing the current score to Elk 5, Lance Boys 0. The thrill of the chase, the constant chess match that is any form of hunting and […]

Elk 5, Lance Boys 0

Hunting, my body, me and P90X3

Hunting, my body, me and P90X3

Hunting, my body, me and P90X3 I was lucky enough to draw two tags this year, and quickly realized getting in shape would become a necessity, and wanted to take a moment to write about hunting, my body, me and P90X3.  The two tags I drew play out like this:  One for Muley buck, the other […]